The Stagers Stole My Curtains!

Ok, so not actually.  They didn’t steal the curtains, but they did take them down.  Do they know how long it took me to choose window coverings for all those rooms?

Actually, this is a normal scenario when having a home staged professionally, and it’s no accident.  There are many reasons why professional stagers will remove your window treatments.  The number one reason is LIGHT.  When showing a home, natural light is important and most window treatments impede the full enjoyment of the natural light in order to give you privacy.

 Secondly, draperies can weigh down a room and give a sense of heaviness to a home.  Unless you have white or ivory sheers that match your walls, chances are that they will be too heavy for staging.  Occasionally stagers add curtains in certain areas when doing a full-scale staging.  This is only done when window coverings add needed softness to a space or when the view is particularly undesirable. 

 Existing window shades are left on by stagers more commonly than draperies.  If the blinds are like new, blend nicely with the walls and window, and clean, they may be considered a bonus to a home buyer.  Blinds will typically be raised by stagers to allow maximum light into the house. 

If you plan to have your home professionally staged and you’re in the process of getting it ready to go on the market, do not spend money on window coverings until you’ve had a stager consultation.  A professional stager will let you know what things you can do yourself before staging to lower the cost.  They may ask you to paint your walls a specific color, repair a broken tile, or replace the carpet.  Those are the things that you want to invest your time and money on. 

Remember, the stager is the professional. They know the market, they know how to put your home in its best light.  When you have that generous offer in your hands, you’ll be glad that you trusted your home to a professional stager, curtains or no curtains.